The Language of the Prophetic

The Language of the Prophetic



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There have been different movements that have come to the Church. We have had the movement of the word of faith, the movement of the charismatic, and the movement of healing. For the past few years, the wave of the prophetic has been blowing through the Church, at first, many did not understand it, but as I write,  It is gaining acceptance and is sweeping through the Body of Christ.

In this book and in the series that follows, you would receive strange insights into the prophetic that would help you both flow in it and receive its ministry. You  would learn how to relate with:

  • The word of the Lord
  • Out-of-Body Experiences
  • With Body Travel
  • Mouth to Mouth with Angels & Saints
  • Mouth to Mouth with Jesus
  • Mouth to Mouth with God…….and lots more


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