God Wants You To Prosper

God Wants You To Prosper



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Do you want to prosper? Do you want to enjoy financial prosperity? Do you know that God can make you rich? Do you want to know how?
The journey into financial prosperity begins with the understanding that God wants you to prosper.
The doubt many believers exhibit about the concept of prosperity can be traced to a lack of this foundational understanding. This is why many believers wallow in poverty with the assumption that it may be God’s will for them.
The focus of this book will therefore be to expose the origin and source of poverty, God’s original mind about your prosperity and how God prospers a man. Also, the way God prospers a man is different from the way of the world, an understanding of how God prospers a man is thus necessary to walk in the God kind of prosperity.
Therefore, dedicate quality time to read and meditate on this book because it contains all round truth about financial prosperity.

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