The Mystery Of Thanksgiving

The Mystery Of Thanksgiving



In this latest book, you would learn about:
– The Prayer of Thanksgiving
– Mobilized Thanksgiving
– Fruit Thanksgiving
– Magnification Thanksgiving
– Dedication Thanksgiving
– How to Execute Thanksgiving in your Life
-…and lots more!

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A lot of believers make requests and demands from God in the place of prayer but are forgetful to give thanks when their prayers have been answered. Yet, living a life of thanksgiving can set you on course for a life of continuous testimonies.
In this book, Dr. Isaiah Wealth unveils the mystery of sin, inquiry and transgression, and how they work to vest limiting garments in the realms of the spirit. In the pages of this book, you would learn:

  • Sources of Limiting Garments
  •  Consequences of Limiting Garment
  •  Limitations of Stained Garments
  •  How to acquire a change of garment
  •  How to keep your garment spotless………..and much more


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