Burning For The Lord

Burning For The Lord



In this book, we shall take the time to see who the Spirit of God is and how His unhindered operation in our lives, is the meaning of being on fire for God. As believers, we have not been sent to live our Christian lives alone. The Holy Spirit has been sent alongside us to enable us have a successful Christian experience.

Today, many believers are filled with the Holy Spirit but find it difficult to maintain the fire. This expository text would enable you maintain an ever blazing Christian life.

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The defeat that many Christians experience in their lives is a great reflection of their understanding of Christianity. Many have come to know Christianity as a life of suffering and struggling to please God, as though He were a dictator who takes pleasure in pains.

Although we cannot divorce Christianity from sufferings as the Apostle Peter details in his writings, it is evidently revealed as a life of victory and triumph twenty-four seven. John the Beloved tells us clearly, “he that is born of God overcomes the world.” (I John 5:4). This kind of victory has not been experienced by many because they have not understood the Words of Jesus when He said ‘I would not leave you comfortless, helpless or orphans.’ (John 14:18). And even though the Holy Ghost has come, they remain orphans and helpless in the world.

This is He of whom John spoke when he referred to the ministry of Jesus.

“…he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.”
Luke 3:16b

Can it be that the absence of the Comforter whom John spoke about and Jesus confirmed, is the reason for the struggles earlier discussed? And what does the fire referenced in the scripture above mean?  How can we obtain it? This is what this book is about.


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