Why Trump’s 2nd Term Prophecy Seemed to Fail

Why Trump’s 2nd Term Prophecy Seemed to Fail


In this Book, you will Learn
– predictive prophecy
– persuasive prophecy
– progressive prophecy
– promissory prophecy, and
– performance prophecy.
This book will remove the doubt in your mind as to prophecies and eliminate every confusion, and it will settle once and for all the fact that God’s word never fails regardless of outcomes. Our interpretation and communication may fail, but God’s revelation is always true.

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This book will not only answer your question about why the prophecies of Trump’s divine choice seemed to fail, but also give you the understanding of the dynamism of prophecy, educating the body of Christ better on the subject of prophecy, and bringing prophets into a deeper flow in the prophetic.
More so, you would find a better understanding on how to judge prophecies and the difference between discernment prophecy and revelatory prophecy. You would also be learning the difference between


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