The Dress Code For Entering The Court Of Heaven

The Dress Code For Entering The Court Of Heaven



In the seven chapters of this book, we will be discussing:

– The Legality of Prayers

– The Dress Code of Heaven’s Court

– The Nature of Righteousness

– The Highly Priced Robe of Righteousness

– Speaking in Heavenly Chambers, and

– How to dress for court hearings.


Get ready for a life of constant victory as you arm yourself with the revelations contained in this book.

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When the court of heaven convenes, who may appear before it to plead a case? What is the legal requirement and dress code for entering into the court?

The Bible shows us clearly that those who are born again have the right and privilege to access the court of heaven and present or defend a case. Yet, many believers do not know that they have the legal right to do so. As a result, they are outsmarted by the devil who never stops accusing them in court and riding on their ignorance to obtain court injunctions and rulings against their prosperity.

This revelatory book is written to give every believer a rare insight into how to dress up to enter the court of heaven, defend your case and obtain favourable rulings that will keep the devil away from all that concerns you.


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