Engaging Spiritual Prayers

Engaging Spiritual Prayers



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The prophets and disciples of old walked with God, and in their walk, they encountered challenges and mountains, some of which we still experience today. For instance, the Bible talks of Elijah as a man of like passion, who sought the face of the Lord in prayers, and got results. So also Abraham, and Moses, and David and many others who triumphed through the power of Spiritual prayer.

So in this book, we will study how they prayed, what they prayed for, and how they overcame their challenges through spiritual prayers.
Also as new creatures in Christ Jesus, there are some prayers in scriptures that we need to understand which will help us in our spiritual growth and spiritual journey to maturity. More importantly, also, understanding these prayers will help us in participating effectively in the prayer ministry of Christ.

In synopsis, we will study the prayers of some patriarchs of faith; some prayers of the psalmist,

the prayers of Jesus,

the prayers of Apostle Paul,

and finally, study praying in tongues in detail – what I refer to as automatic intercession.


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